Ways to prevent Global Warming

global warming

Global Warming and Cyclists

You are looking for ways to prevent global warming but what you need to know is that Cyclists are responsible for global warming! Yikes, surely not.
Yes, now that you’re choking on your lattes and I have your attention consider these facts before you next jump on your bike and cycle your heart out.

In 2013 there were estimated approx 50 million cyclists in the USA.
We all know the average cyclist loses weight with regular cycling. How much?That’s anyone’s guess but in the USA its probably lots more than in a third world country. But lets say the average cyclist loses 5 kg of body fat through regular cycling.

Fat Contains Carbon

Each kg of fat contains 637 g of carbon.
So 50 million American cyclists losing 5 kg of fat each results in 159.3 million kg of carbon being released into the environment.
Shock horror we know its the carbon in the atmosphere that’s the global warming bogey man.
Its all our fault, cycling causes global warming!
We need to take charge of the mess we’ve created and become repositories for carbon. No more thoughtlessly emitting it into the atmosphere.

What Can We do to Prevent Global Warming?

Rethink your nutrition plan. Eat more croissants, cakes and donuts with your coffee, it will trap the carbon in body fat.
Hold your breath for part of your ride. No more endless conversations with your bicycling buddy as you pedal your way around your favorite circuit. It takes 94619 breaths to burn 1 kg of fat. By shutting your mouth for half the ride you’ll burn less fat.

Mention these facts around politicians and you will guarantee a bicycling tax. This will mean less people involved in bicycling, more fat on your rump and less carbon in the atmosphere.
Be a conscious bike rider, shut up, become a repository for fat and save the planet.


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