Cycling is a popular sport and pastime that has increased in popularity in recent years. It is important for all cyclists to pay special attention towards health and fitness. Road cycling nutrition has become a popular topic among cyclists in every corner of the world. In this article, we will let you know about some effective cycling nutrition tips that can be used to achieve your best performance when you are on the road.

Energy bars and energy gels

When you are cycling, your body burns a lot of calories and you need to find a way to replace them quickly. Therefore, many cyclists prefer to carry a stock of energy gels and energy bars along with them. Some cyclists even carry electrolyte energy drinks to supply their energy requirements. These products will give you the opportunity to maintain your energy levels throughout the ride.The amount of fuel you carry on a ride depends on a number of factors including individual requirements, weather, terrain and effort
According to nutrition experts, good quality energy bars have the potential to provide a boost of both carbs and calories. When it comes to replacing carbs and calories quickly, energy gels are more efficient and effective than energy bars. However, you need to keep in mind that water is extremely important to get the best out of these two products. Therefore, it is important to carry sufficient water during long rides. For example, 1.4oz energy gel requires about 500 ml of water to absorb the carbs into your body.

cycle hydrationThe role of liquids

Liquids play a major role in cycling nutrition long rides. If you don’t pay enough attention towards hydration, you will face a wide range of issues. Many cyclists think that plain water is the best liquid type available out there for them. However, it is better if you can partner liquid water with electrolyte drinks. These isotonic drinks are available under many different brands. When you are cycling, you need to keep replacing these liquids on a regular basis. This will prevent you from dehydrating and causing a drastic drop off in performance. Read more about hydration and nutrition requirements here.

Caffeine and cycling

Caffeine holds a prominent place in cycling nutrition tips. From recent studies, it has been identified that caffeine has the ability to contribute towards your performance on the road. In other words, consuming caffeine can increase your performance , some say by 5% .The effects of caffeine depend on several

caffeine drinkfactors such as your body mass and tolerance. Caffeine has the ability to burn your body fat at a faster rate and it can assist supplying the quick energy requirements of the body. It is thought that this occurs by it boosting free fatty acids in the blood.This will enhanced endurance levels at the end of the day. While caffeine can increase your performance it won’t turn a poor rider into a good one. Good training methods will produce far more beneficial results.




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