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Product. MYCYCLING training program.

Price .$97.00

Guarantee. 60 day money back

Claims.  Ride 10 to 30% faster

The MYCYCLING bike training program claims improvements of between 10 and 30% with less training and the help of professional cyclists. Unlimited lifetime access to their programs and online training logs.

What it contains.

A  beginners 8 week training program that is easy to follow and will get your cycle training off to a good start

A traditional 12 week training program

Rapid results. An intensive 4 week training program if you are short on time or want maximum results in the least amount of time.

Pro-sessions. Six climbing and 9 sprint sessions

Specific training sessions. 100 mile sprint and climbing programs

Training log to keep track of your training

Access to skilled experts.


Beginners will find the program easy to follow and you won’t need a heart rate monitor for this section. The pdf  format enables you to download the program for your reference. At  $97 its reasonable value for money considering you have back up advice available. Good for beginners and most amateur cyclists, based on good training principles these programs will deliver the promise of faster riding if followed.The training log will provide a reference of your training activities over time.


Once you get past the beginners section some of the terminology is a bit hard to follow if you are unfamiliar with the terms. A heart rate monitor is necessary once you get past the beginners program.

Lots of text and short on images to make it more attractive reading.


At  $97 reasonably good value for money considering you have lifetime access to the program and expert advice to contact if needed. Great for beginners and and amateur cyclists but you will need a heart rate monitor to progress with the advanced training. More experienced cyclists will probably need to modify some of the programs to suit. Following a training program will usually give you improved performance and this program should deliver its promises of riding 10 to 30% faster especially for beginners. A 60 day money back guarantee means you can have a good look at the program and have nothing to lose.

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