How to start cycling tips-beginners

Beginner cyclist

 How to start cycling for beginners:

Hi there so your new to cycling and need a few tips to familiarize yourself with whats required. Watch the two  videos below for some basic cycling tips.

Video 1 goes over basics such as helmet what  sort of  ride you should do. A simple explanation on cadence and heart rates. Also  covered is a mention on hydration.
Its a good idea to visit a bike shop to get an experienced person  set your bike up for you. Your seat and handlebar positions need to be  correct  otherwise you you will suffer from back and leg strain and lose some of the enjoyment of your cycling.

This Second video gives a brief explanation about using your gears while riding.Take it easy get in a rhythm and have fun.Start out on a quite stretch of road where you can concentrate on your riding without any worries about traffic.


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