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garmin edge 500

Garmin Edge 500


With a Garmin Edge 500  you can keep track of your daily cycling activities.. Garmin edge wireless cycling computer is one of the devices that you can use in tracking your distance, location and speed. This can also be used in monitoring your calories burned, climb, descent, altitude and other data that you need to  review. Edge 500 has a high sensitivity GPS. This will help to sharpen your performance with cycling activity. When you go riding just turn on your edge and get GPS satellite reception, then you can start riding.

Product features

Get the Data You Need.Three separate screen pages can show up to eight sets of info on each page.Small ,well lit screen shows all the basic features required. You pick what features you want to be shown.
During your ride you can get the data you need like the  speed, time, distance, altitude, descent, and the calories burned.The  Garmin edge wireless cycling computer  can be used to pinpoint when there is a change in elevation by incorporating barometric altimeter which is very accurate.
When you use this device , it is compatible with a third party ANTI+-enabled power meters that will display power output in watts to achieve the best result. Edge 500 will give valuable data on how hard you’re working. There are some versions of edge that convey  digital heart rate monitor and cadence sensor. .
Some training features include the course feature. This will help you to compare successive rides over your same route, as well as auto lap, temperature reading and auto pause. This edge will tell you if you are moving but timer will not be running

 garmin screenTrack Your Heart Rate    

Garmin edge heart rate can be used to monitor your heart beats per minute and uses your heart rate in computing advanced calorie use by your body.

Analyze Your Ride

The Garmin edge user manual comes with the unit but you won’t need it to use the basic functions. Analyze your  performance by connecting the edge to your computer with the USB cable.Make sure you use the Garmin cable that comes with the product as there are some reports of other usb cables not working with this unit.To connect to the network of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts select Garmin connect. It is a one stop site for analysis of data and sharing.


The Garmin edge wireless cycling computer has a high degree of customization, compact and featured packed.
It has a nice detail, sharp appearance and finish. Color options are available
Convenient to use and sturdy system.has all the basic functions required.
Compatible to heart rate monitor, speed sensor


Small display size, if more than five data displays it’s difficult to see the text.     Garmin edge 500
Awkward button placement on side.Not smartphone enabled.



Customer review and scores

If you have this edge 500 it will help you to follow courses that are being imported from GPS mapping. You can use this gadget for racing and training. Score 7/10


The Edge 500 is a device that will help you review all data while you are doing your activities. After connecting the edge500 to your computer you can easily upload all your activities into the system. This will also help you to track your health information on a day to day basis. For the cyclist, edge 500 will give you a small land lightweight platform to record your race and training. It has  lower price points.
For triathletes this will help you record all your data for bike training and race. This is a well priced device .



For a more in depth review with tech stuff watch this video.

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