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beginner cyclist

You’ve just started cycling for pleasure or want to do a race further down the line and need a few beginners cycling tips to help you out. I hope these will help.

Firstly get the best bike you can afford.

If you are serious about continuing. Go into your specialized bike shop and speak to one of the experts. A well fitted bike will save you from suffering sore back, neck legs and make your rides more enjoyable. From a safety aspect if you are comfortable on your bike you will concentrate on the ride and not be distracted by an discomfort. Mark the position of your seat and bars with a marker  once an expert has fitted it for you.This will enable you to readjust it if it gets altered.

Wear a helmet.

Make sure you always wear a helmet. I recently had a crash which resulted in my helmet splitting. My head was fine but i hate to think  what mess it would would be in if i didn’t have it on.

Learn how to fix a puncture and change a tyre. At some stage you will get a flat .It can be a long work home if you can’t fix it yourself. Always carry a spare tube, tyre levers and a pump or gas inflator with you.


Hydration is very important .When you start out you will consume more fluid. If you don’t drink enough you will become de-hydrated and tire quickly.Your urine should be clear or straw coloured. If you notice its dark you are probable de-hydrated. Drink small amounts often on your ride.

Get plenty of sleep and eat properly . A well fed body will reward you with a better ride.


If you are a beginner and want to do some cycling training, firstly decide what you want to achieve. If its to be fit and more active ,get on your bike and ride. Start out with a distance you feel comfortable and just pedal and make it enjoyable.You will be able to increase the distance as you become fitter.

You have done the basics and have decided you want to enter a race in a few months time. Firstly start riding and build up some base distances.Cycle at a moderate pace and gradually increase the distances you ride. You can get a basic cycling training plan here.

When you are a  couple of months out from the race you will have to do some anaerobic workouts to condition yourself to the demands of the race. Do some interval training and hill training. Short hard intervals when you pedal near your max for a short period, have a slower interval  then repeat several times. By pedaling hard out for short sessions you are teaching your muscles to use anaerobic fuel.This will condition you for the extra demands of a race.

I hope these  few tips have helped you whether you are  cycling for fitness or training for a race.

Good cycling


Check this video out and avoid common mistakes beginner cyclists make.


  1. Susan

    Hello,I have just started riding how long does it take till I can enter a race?

    1. Bruce (Post author)

      Its up to you,if you feel comfortable riding your bike and think you can cover the distance of the race give it a go.Make sure you have some bunch rides under your belt to get used to having riders around you.Make sure you understand the basic rules of group riding.
      Good luck


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