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Zone Training-Establishing your zones:

You can use your heart rate maximum to establish your training zones which are helpful to know if you are to get the best out of your training.
You can establish your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. This method is only an indication. A more accurate method is to establish it on a ride with a heart rate monitor .You can see how to establish your training zones with heart rate Here or power meter HERE.

General guide

For recreational riders  a  general guide is probably all you need. The intensity level guide below  will give you an indication of what each zone is. Everyone is different , it will depend on your fitness level. As you get fitter, you will need to increase your riding intensity to be working at the same level.This is normal, as your body becomes more efficient the heart rate drops.


ZONE              EFFORT             HOW YOU RIDE                            Heart rate (% of your maximum)

1                       Easy                 No effort,light tension                            less than 60%                       

2                      Moderate         Conversational pace                                         65-75%                       

 3                      Difficult             Breathing hard,talking is hard                        75-85%                        

4                      Hard                 Legs working hard,Can’t talk                           85-90%                        

 5                     Maximum         Full pace,breathless,only manage for short time 90-100%             



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