Free Training plans



These   training programs are free to download. Use them as a guide for your  training.

The Beginners 50 km  plan is a simple plan for cyclists who want to build up from the beginning so they can complete a 50 km ride.Ideal if you want to ride in the Sunday bunch but need to extend the distance you can ride.


Free Beginners 50km or mile Training plan download  based on km per ride   pdf                Click Here.Cyclist training



The 100mile training plan is a simple plan for the average cyclist to complete a 100 mile (163km) ride

Free 100mile(163km) simple Training Plan download  pdf   100mile plan


Free 100mile (163km) 6 month advanced training program pdf here100 Mile Plan pdf


This  training program is more advanced and is suitable for a recreational cyclist who wishes to post a decent time in their 100 mile race.The six month schedule allows plenty of conditioning time.A simple approach to heart monitor training and zones is used.


If you would like to purchase a more advanced 100mile cycle training plan                                                         look here 


or purchase a total program to build up your cycling speed                                                                                          look here



To get a better understanding of cycle training zones watch this video.


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