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THE 100 mile race is target many cyclists new to the sport set as a goal. For those who have completed it on numerous occasions it remains a constant target to shave time off the previous best race time.

Its never an easy race to complete. It requires a mix of speed, stamina and strength if you are to complete it in a favorable time.

A 100 mile cycle training plan will enable you to get the best preparation for the race.
NUTRITIONEating correctly before the race begins is essential. A balanced meal four hours before the event will give you  the base to ensure your body has enough energy to last the distance. Snacks and or energy bars and gels at regular intervals during the race are needed to keep your energy levels up

HYDRATION. At least a bottle of water or energy drink per hour is required to keep your hydration levels up.

PACE YOURSELF. Don’t go too hard early in the race. You will run out of steam later . Keep at a pace you are comfortable with without overexerting yourself..

CHANGE POSITION. To avoid stiffness and sore muscles, move around on the bike. Stretch your neck, shoulders and back by changing positions frequently and stretch out of the saddle.

BREAKS; if you stop to refuel, rehydrate or toilet make sure the stop is brief otherwise your muscles will tighten and it will be difficult to get going again.

I wish i had followed a bike training program when i did my first 100 mile race. If you don’t follow a plan with your  training you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

For more information on the CENTURY BIKE TRAINING PLAN, a comprehensive plan, click HERE :

For free  100 mile cycle training  plan  look here100 Mile Plan pdf..These are simplified programs.

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