Riding a bike for any length of time is is an endurance test for your body. Increasing the demands on your body teaches it to adapt to the extra load imposed on it. By following a training plan you are teaching your body  to adapt .Muscles and respiration efficiency increase.The result is a body that can ride faster and longer and an enjoyable ride.

Increasing the work load gradually in your training forces the body to be come accustomed to the extra demand. A beginner can expect huge improvement with training whereas a professional cyclist has to put in long hours for small gains in performance. 1922_Alcide_Rousseau

Beginners can start by increasing the distances they ride each week. Start out with  whats comfortable for you .

Once you have established a base level where you are comfortable and are familiar with your bike, gears and being on the road you can start training yourself to perform better. A simple training plan will help you.


The idea is to increase the distance you cycle about every two or three weeks. You should then have a rest week where you lessen the distance to give your body time to recover. Ride two or three times a week and include a longer ride and two shorter rides.The long ride should be at a steady pace.You can ride the shorter rides with more intensity.

Consistency pays off even though some rides will be boring and a struggle. Keep at it and you will be rewarded with increased performance and enjoyment.

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