Cycle to lose Weight

cycle to lose weight


Weight loss is a topic that’s always in the news. Everyday there seems to be a new diet for losing weight. The good news is that cycling to lose weight has huge benefits.


You lose fat , improve cardiovascular health meaning a decrease in blood pressure and pulse rate meaning decreased cardiovascular risk. Cycling is a low impact sport, kind to the joints making it ideal for people who can’t participate in high impact sports like running. It tones muscles in bum ,legs and thighs with regular riding. With more exertion your abs, core and back muscles will show benefits. You need one hour of moderate riding daily per week to keep weight off

Its easy to learn to ride a bike if you don’t already know how. Most people have a bike in the garage or can buy a second hand one at a reasonable price.

Once you master the basics it is a pleasurable pastime that opens up a multitude of opportunities. Weight loss will occur with regular riding and attention to your nutrition. You can burn an extra 80-670 extra calories per half hour while cycling. People who cycle are better at maintaining their weight loss and once you keep the weight off for three months the body tends to reset its metabolism for the lower weight level.

Cycling can open up a whole new social circle for you. Coffee after a ride to socialize with your riding mates. Cycling events and holidays , travel  to areas you may never have visited.You might even meet that special partner

Read this great e-book, Bike to lose Weight, you’ll find plenty of info on cycling for beginners and weight loss tips. Written in a humorous style so you’ll have a laugh along the way.


  • Seek medical advice first if you are unfit or have a pre existing medical condition.
  • get an expert to adjust the bike to fit you correctly.
  • Start riding on a gentle flat with little or no traffic until your confidence increases.
  • Don’t overdo it on your first  rides.
  • Increase the distance you ride each time.
  • Start riding with someone with similar ability so you can progress together and provide support.
  • Set a goal-to lose x kg or ride a race.This will provide motivation
  • Wear fitting lycra. You can then judge any changes in your body bulge.
  • Watch those cakes with the after ride coffee. You may end up putting on more weight  than you lost on the ride.


  • Ride at least 4 days per week having rest days after a ride         weight loss
  • Limit snack foods on your rest days
  • Ride on an empty stomach preferable first thing in the morning. Ride at a moderate pace. This will cause the body to become more efficient at burning fat.
  • Hold off snacking during your ride until 90 minutes. If you find yourself tiring before this have a snack but next time try to lengthen the time .
  • Have a pre ride snack only on those long or high intensity rides.
  • Ride before breakfast, you will burn more fat.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  • Reward yourself when you reach a goal . A new shirt ,jeans, whatever (not food).
  • If bad weather keeps you indoors get on an indoor trainer at home or in the gym.
  • High intensity training and intermittent fasting can boost your weight loss. See this article at Dr .”HIgh intensity interval training & intermittent fasting-a winning combo for fat reduction and optimal fitness.”

Training plans

To get a free beginners training plan to start riding and lose weight        CLICK HERE

To get a free 6 week starter biking plan to lose weight                                  CLICK HERE

Spin bike training.

High intensity riding on a spin bike or trainer kick starts the fat burning process. It boosts lean muscle and increases fat burning by up to 300%. Research has shown that two weeks of interval training on alternate days increases fat burning by up to 35% and over nine times faster than riding at a constant pace.

To get a free indoor spin-bike program to burn weight.                                CLICK HERE.

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Cycle to lose weight and also gain all the benefits that go with it. Gain friends, see the country side and enjoy better health. You will do wonders for your self confidence. Good luck

Watch the video below  GCN”S Top 10 ways to lose weight through cycling


  1. Wachira

    Love, love cycling. As an exercise and living healthy buff, I can appreciate the effectiveness of cycling to overall health. I use cycling as my cardio workout.You are a champ for highlighting all it’s health benefits 🙂

    1. Bruce (Post author)

      Hi Wachira, Yes it certainly gives you a great cardio workout. I went for a ride today, it was one of those stunning, clear,crisp mornings and we rode around the coastline.As well as being great for your physical health,its good to keep you mentally on the level as well. A great antidote if you have a case of the “blues”)..go for a ride

  2. Sakwasa

    I love this post Bruce, I cycle to work every day and its keeping me in shape. I like your site because it has great tips and information on the health benefits of cycling. Keep up the good work buddy 🙂

    1. Bruce (Post author)

      Hello Sakwasa, Its great that you cycle to work. Hope you find some of the tips helpful


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