Bicycle Frame Sizes

bike frame sizing

Purchasing your first bike can be confusing, especially getting the correct frame size for your bicycle. The best option is to take a trip to a specialized bike shop and get someone experienced to fit you with the correct size bike.
For many people this is not an option to start with. Often they start with a borrowed bike or one that’s been sitting in the garage unused for a number of years.
You need to know that bicycles vary in the size of the frame. The correct size frame for your height and build is essential to get the best performance and the least amount of discomfort from your riding.

Bike Sizes

Road bikes usually come in size 50 to 64 cm. This measurement is the taken from the center of the crank to the top of the tube at the seat post.
Mountain bike and hybrid bikes are usually measured in inches or simply as S,M,L,XL
A quick way to measure if a frame size is suitable is check the stand over height. This is the measurement of the inside length of your leg. You should be able to stand over the horizontal top tube with your feet flat on the ground (with your bicycle shoes on) and have an inch or two clearance from your crotch to the tube.
If you can sit on the seat and place your feet flat on the ground it is usually an indication that the frame size is too small or the seat adjustment too low.
Mountain bike sizes are often referred to by the diameter of the wheel. 20, 26 and 29 ers refers to the wheel size diameter.
Kid’s bikes are usually measured in inches, 20 inches being the standard and smaller sizes down to 12 inches
There are other considerations to take into account when choosing the best size bike. The position of the handlebars is an important factor to be taken into account. If you can visit a bike shop and get an expert to fit the bike for you will be off to a great start. Failing that, ask someone you know who has been riding for a length of time. Most experienced riders are familiar with the basics of correct bicycle sizing.

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Bicycle frame sizing chart click here to view framesize (1)

How To Choose The Correct Size Of Road Bike Frame

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