Bicycle Work Stands

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Bicycle Work Stand

A Bicycle work stand is a piece of equipment that many cyclists don’t consider necessary until they get the chance to use one for some bike maintenance. Once you’ve used one you will wonder how you did without one.
As its name suggests it holds the bike at a suitable working height in a stable and secure position so you can work on your bike with both hands and not worry about the bike falling over.

There are different points to take into account when buying a work stand. How much is your budget,is it suitable for more than one bike type if you own several. Is it strong enough for your bike or suitable for holding a delicate precision bike.

By Hadhuey (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Hadhuey (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Types for Bike stand.

The main types of bike stand are axle or bottom bracket mounted or tube clamped. The type of bike you own may determine which type you choose.

Tube Clamping.

This is the most common type as the name suggests it grabs a frame tube or seat post to secure the bike. These are usually easy to attach but aren’t suitable for light construction bikes which shouldn’t be secured by the frame tube. Some seat posts doesn’t have room to clamp. With some aero style bikes the design won’t allow proper clamping.
Overall a tube clamping stand is the best option unless your bike fits into one of the above categories. It will allow you to access your whole bike with both wheels mounted.

Bottom bracket or axle stands

These stands are commonly seen on pro tour races. These stands are compact to use and store, there is no clamping of frame tubes and its easy to access all parts of the bike. The down side is one of the wheels has to be removed to use this type of stand. This type of stand is better for your bike if exerting force to loosen tight nuts or bottom bracket a permanent space set

Permanent or portable.

This is a consideration to take into account. Have you permanent space setup in your workshop or do you need to pack away the work stand after each session. A permanent stand is usually more robust and is suitable for someone who regularly does bike maintenance work. It will enable you to those harder jobs that require more force to be exerted. Generally these stands are bolted to the floor or a solid base
For the majority of cyclists the tube clamp style of stand is the most suitable points to consider
You pay for what you get to a point. More expensive stands will enable you to tackle more complex repairs easier. Make sure any additional features are useful for your level of maintenance.

Features of a clamp style stand to consider when buying are

Height adjustment.

Most offer height adjustment but is it suitable for you. Is the maximum adjustment high enough for you

Angle adjustment

Clamp angle adjustment is very important when tackling some repairs .You want something that’s easy to adjust and clamps secure so there is no movement in the bike

Release clamps

You want a quick release clamp that is easy to use, with adjustable tension that can hold a variety of shapes.

Load rating.

This is important if you are working on heavier bikes such as mountain bikes.

Make your own.

Many people make their own bicycle repair stand out of a variety of materials. Generally steel pipe makes the best stand.Finding a suitable cost effective clamp to attach is often the factor that determines whether DIY is an option or buying a ready made product is more cost effective


A bicycle work stand is a piece of equipment you won’t want to be without once you have used one to clean and maintain your bike. For most cyclists to tube clamp type is the best but make sure its suitable for the type of bike or bikes you own. For the serious mechanic a permanent work stand is the way to go.

If you are looking for a great tube clamp stand the Park Tool  PSC-10 is worth considering.park tool bike stand

If you want to build your own bike work stand check out this video.


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